Business portrait?

Photography is an important element of communication, it tells who you are, what is your attitude towards other people, whether you are a professional and have a friendly disposition, how will you work with?


A clear portrait is important in the eyes of a business partner, it is thanks to a good photo that you will be perceived as a credible person and will inspire trust. And your CV will stand out.

It is possible to travel to the company and make a series of corporate portraits, present the company's employees against a uniform background or in the conditions of the workplace.

In this matter, please contact me directly. ​

Price of the first selected photo:
PLN 400
Price of the next selected photo:
100 zloty

Corporate session in a company or studio, price to be agreed. 
Depends on many additional factors.

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Image acting portrait?

The image of the actor and actress is the basis, the face is the basic tool of work, without an attractive appearance, it is difficult to be noticed. Pay attention and receive a Role.

The portrait included in the portfolio is usually the first thing that the casting director notices and it is your appearance in the photo that has the greatest impact on the decision whether to entrust you with the role. Especially at the beginning of my career.


A successful "headshot" is impressive, and this is what you need to receive a call with an invitation to an audition.

Among great actors and actresses, the right photo will help you stand out. The acting portrait must also accurately reflect your physical conditions and facial features.  

It also offers the possibility of recording "SlateShot" which is often required at foreign castings. It is important that this 7s video clip harmonizes visually with the portrait. 

Price of the first selected photo:
PLN 400
Price of the next selected photo:
100 zloty
The price of the recording of "SlateShot"
PLN 300

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I bet on simplicity.

I sell single photos that are the result of my work, experience and tools used. This is my workshop and my craft, in my opinion it is to guide you in such a direction to obtain an effective and effective image portrait.  


We will take as much time as we need to make sure you get the photos you want, we care about the effect, don't worry, it won't take long. After the session, we will sit down together and review the portraits made.  


You buy photos that you personally choose. 

I will make sure that there is a choice and at least one high-quality contemporary "headshot" that will live up to the hopes placed in it. It will fulfill the role of an image business card.

And if you want to buy more photos, nothing will stop you.


You decide, you choose.  


I provide a consultation based on my experience. 

The price of the first photo chosen by the customer is PLN 500.

The price includes the cost of booking the session date.

Each subsequent photo will cost PLN 100.


For corporate photos, the cost depends on the logistics, number and type of photos that the client plans. In this matter, please contact me directly and \ or via the form.

The price of the photo includes:


  • Training and in-session training to help you look confident quickly. 

  • No rush. We will work at your pace.

  • The price of the photo includes professional retouching.

  • High resolution and quality digital files.

  • Digital files in weight and resolution optimized for the web.

Feel free to call me 725 203 973

I am happy to meet you and answer all your questions. 

The price of a portrait session starts from:
PLN 500
Price of each selected photo:
100 zloty
The cost of travel depends on the distance traveled, calculated from the address of the studio to the place where the session will take place.
PLN 2 per km


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