How to prepare for a new headshot? 
This is where the old rule works: less is more.

Headshot portrait is an investment, so you should be properly prepared. It's about getting a professional and well-groomed appearance, it will draw attention to you, so take care of the details.


That is why I have listed below some information to help you prepare for the session.

And answers to some questions, you may want to ask.

Following these tips will help you look great. You will feel relaxed when you enter the sessions prepared, and the photos will turn out even better.

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Makeup and hairstyle.

Headshots are about simplicity and naturalness, and even modesty in the message. This builds a better relationship while also showing an honest look that has no elements that mask your true nature.

I will describe treatments that will help you look better.

Unisex tips:


  • Take eye drops for the session, if you use them, they will keep the eyes fresh and avoid redness, we work under intense constant light.

  • Powdered skin loses its natural structure, which gives the effect of artificial skin. Just like unevenly applied powder that can clump.

  • Drink more water and use nourishing and moisturizing creams. Moisturized skin looks healthy, has an even color and is free from imperfections. And in winter it tolerates better exposure to freezing temperatures. Make sure your skin is properly hydrated before leaving the house and regularly for several days before the session.

  • The same applies to sleep and rest, try to sleep well a few days before the session and limit spending time in front of a bright screen, this will eliminate the problem of dark circles and bloodshot eyes.

  • Before leaving the house, apply a natural lipstick to your lips and protect your lips from drying out and cracking.The delicate shine of moisturized lips looks great and adds three-dimensionality.


For men:

In the case of men, the situation is clear. We avoid makeup, powders, foundations and jewelry.
I use special papers that perfectly remove shiny sebum. 

  • Good idea is to visit barber

  • If you have a beard, make sure it is trimmed evenly.

  • Similarly, eyebrows and nose hair.

  • If you shave regularly, make sure you moisturize your skin properly.


For women:


The basis for women is makeup in the style of "No-Makeup", you can prepare yourself or contact me during the appointment of the session so that I can arrange the help of a specialist, I will organize appropriate support in the form of a make-up artist and / or stylist.


When preparing, remember that it's about a simple, clean and well-groomed look, nothing evening or stylized, it's not a fashion show, you don't sell clothes, you promote your true image.

If you want photos with a crazier image, no problem, once we have taken some basic business photos, we can take the time to do a bit of extravagance. Time doesn't rule us.

  • Keep your eyebrows even and remove any unruly hairs.

  • It's good if you start caring for your skin a few days before the session and give up wearing heavy makeup that could weigh down and dry the skin.

What to avoid in makeup?


Below I have described some additional points to consider when preparing for a headshot session, the photo shows every detail, so the preparation process is different than for other types of photoshoots or events.

Vivid, colorful and glitter-filled eyes are the Headshot photographers specialty, and one of our trademarks. They can hypnotize with the depth of color and reflection. Don't hide them.

Avoid these basic and unfortunately common mistakes that I see in image photos of my clients when I ask them to show me their previous photos.

  • Try to keep bright makeup around the eyes.

  • Avoid sticking false eyelashes.

If you are using your own Makeup artist, make sure she has camera experience, preferably on a movie set. Makeup behaves differently depending on the type of light, the flash is different and the LED light behaves differently.

What looks good in a simple ring light and in a mirror usually looks bad in professional studio lighting.

  • Ask MUA to apply a liquid foundation, it will additionally moisturize the skin. You avoid the appearance of a porcelain doll. In addition, the dry foundation can stick to the skin, which does not look good and is sometimes impossible to clean in post-production without losing quality and skin details.

  • Do not use matting cosmetics, they will make your face look flat and lose its three-dimensional appearance. Be yourself.

  • In the case of lips, do not make them bigger with lipstick and do not make an outline by applying the lipstick beyond the edges of the lips, you can immediately see a strong contour in the photo. This creates a very insincere effect and suggests complexes.

  • All you need is a light lip gloss or a delicate lipstick.


Makeup artists usually try to make make-up as flashy and complex as possible, because their clients want this effect at various events. and the more complex makeup, the more they can charge for it, unfortunately such a wedding or prom makeup makeup is the opposite of "Non-makeup" makeup that we care about.

  • I must be clear here. It's all about a natural and honest casual look.

An experienced MUA will know when to refrain from applying a heavy base that will completely cover the texture of the skin and not apply harsh shadows under the eyes and / or strong contours.

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What to wear for the shoot?

Take with you your favorite clothes in which you feel good.
When you feel relaxed, it will have a positive effect on the final effect.

It's always a good idea to take a few different outfits with you, this applies to both men and women. Different outfits will allow us to choose the best combination.


Especially if you are an actor / actress or presenter, it is good to prepare a few different costumes and show different emotions in the photos, this will allow you to show your skills and flexibility.

We have a lot of time. The goal is to "cook" the best image possible.


Common tips:

  • Choose clothes so that they look good in the photo and do not distract from your face and gaze, which should play the first fiddle in the photo.

  • Avoid patterned, colored, or shiny clothes.

  • Dress in what will make you feel good, in your favorite suit, shirt, turtleneck or dress will work well in a casual, simple style, there is no need to show off.

  • Take care of your clothes. It's a good idea to iron it at home before coming to the session.

  • Pay special attention to the collar. That it was evenly ironed. And make sure the shape matches the rest of the garment.

  • If you have a favorite shirt, make sure it is not worn out, the collar has not lost its shape and / or is not discolored.

  • Check that the clothes you want to wear to the session have no threads or stains.


For women:

  • The dress should have shoulders so as not to create the impression of nudity.

  • It's best not to wear eye-catching bulky or flashy jewelry. That it does not distract from your face.