Headshot photography, what is it?

A business headshot photo is a modern portrait in which the most important are emotions and direct message, capturing every detail of the face and showing a flash in the eye.

Perfect headshot is a combination of world-class portrait photography with product photography, quality is the hallmark of photographers  Headshot Crew.


Headshot presents you as a natural, focused and committed person, it is a necessary tool in creating a media image based on your individual character and honesty.  Creates a realistic and eye-catching image.


The face can show over seven thousand different emotions.  What do you care about?

As a headshot photographer, my job is to provoke  the moment you are the best version of yourself and then capture it in a picture.

First impressions are the most important in a professional image portrait.  

And honesty is the foundation of any business relationship.  


An actor who seeks a role and attracts the attention of the casting director needs a distinguishing picture.

Without a photo that will put you in a good light, it is difficult to be noticed among the hundreds of CVs sent to the HR department of the company to which you apply with your CV.  You can have excellent references, but if you do not pay attention to yourself, there is a high risk that your application will be lost in the waterfall of other CVs.  

He wrote about the value of self-promotion and the effectiveness of a well-created image in his book  Guy Kawasaki -  "When they see you, that's how they write you - The art of self-promotion in social media."  

Zdjęcia Biznesowe Poznań - Fotografia wizerunkowa i portret biznesowy headshot

Why does everyone need a headshot?

There is no word for " headshot photography " in our language.

Portrait? Imprecise.  Business photo? Too general and carries associations with poor slope shots or photos taken during the lunch break.


In a professional headshot portrait, we will not see a person sitting with arms folded over his chest, looking at you with superiority and clearly impatient with the fact that he "must" have a new photo. 

This kind of business photography builds a mental barrier between people. This is the opposite of creating a good media image. And the opposite of headshot photography.


In a modern business portrait, we look straight in the eye.  

The vivid expression and the gleam in the eye will give the impression of a person saying: "Trust me, I will do it".

A warm, relaxed look from the photo and a relaxed expression of the face supported by a natural smile make the image exude charisma, self-confidence and professionalism.

Headshots are not done immediately, rarely do more than one or two studio sessions a day, and each session requires advance booking. Everything to devote you as much attention and energy as possible. Pictures no  can take place in a hurry, their aim is to present you in the best possible way so that your image becomes a showcase on the web.  

What are the functions of an image photo?

How to check if headshot photography works? All you need to do is enter the name of a famous person, celebrity, billionaire or someone who has been successful in the search engine. The first photos you see will be headshots and / or other photos cropped as if headshot portraits are framed.  This is the format of photography that news portals, magazines and websites need.  


From a headshot shot, it has the greatest informational value and chances of being shared, it only shows what is most important - your face.


It's only natural for many people to "refer to a book by its cover".

My task is to include the correct information in the portrait, which will then be read in the subconscious of people looking at your image.  


You pay for the quality of the photo and the effect it will have on the recipients and the comfort in which the session will take place, there is no room for errors in this equation.

The modern image headshot is the best investment, there is no risk of loss in it.