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About me. Who am I. Why do I deal with photography.

Jakub Olaf Strumiłło - Fotograf biznesowy headshot | Poznań

My name is Jakub Olaf Strumiłło, I am a photographer, that's obvious.
It is less obvious that I have dealt with historical reconstruction for over a decade, as well as sailing and historic motorization, I am a "tramp".
I love being on the road, regardless of whether it is on land or on a rough sea. I still remember my grandfather's words so that the journey would not become an escape, so I do not run away. I only develop myself by broadening my horizons.

I grew up in the Suwałki Region , surrounded by glacial landscapes, the wild nature of the Wigry National Park buffer zone and the clear waters of Czarna Hańcza .

I was fortunate enough to be brought up by an artist of many levels of art and a traveler, Grandpa Andrzej. 

A wonderful man who was, is and will be the most important mentor in my life.

If it weren't for his support and dedication, I wouldn't have my camera in my hand now. 

Childhood and basically most of life spent among art, interesting people, and broadly understood higher culture. T o this resulted in that I'm a photographer. I found my way.


The home library was full of books,  in my lessons I read travel novels which I hid on my knees under the desk, the first was the Overhead Village written by Jules Verne and illustrated with handwritten graphics by my grandfather. 

Then it was the turn of the Kon-Tiki Expedition, describing the insane journey that he undertook Thor Heyerdahl .

A man who could not even swim, but had a strong will and determination to overcome any obstacle on his way to achieving his life goal. Crossing the Pacific from South America to Polynesia on a wooden balsa raft. At that time, I did not know that similar adventures would be my part.

Books filled with numerous stories from Conrad, May and London as well as accounts of my grandfather's travels instilled in me a curiosity about the world and a need to meet new people and new lands.

I often fall asleep while listening to another documentary that introduces me to the world around me. And teaching some new things about life, technology and people.


Inspired by adventurous tales, for over a decade, he has been sailing reconstructed Viking boats that I repair with my own hands.  You can find more about this crazy "hobby" on the profile of the group that I set up with three friends, Janek, Bartek and Piotr. We are " Bastardr - Basterds of the Fleet". 

We are sailing on the reconstruction of the Viking ship from Oseberg, built in 1997, it is a 12m boat equipped with oars and a sail, which has such expeditions as sailing around the island of Bornholm or cruises along the Polish coast, annual multi-day sailing expeditions, and dozens of river expeditions under the previous shipowner. We do not use the engine, we do not even have it with us, "we are driven by the power of farmazonów and pie".


A few years ago, according to the family "tradition", I adapted a dog from the local Nobody's Pets Foundation in Suwałki. Now we are a great duo, his name is "Poket" and he has been traveling by my side for four years.

And I don't get enough sleep in the morning, but I don't hold it against him. We take care of each other.





Photography has been with me since I was a child, and it was photography of all kinds, from landscapes, through modern art, to reportages and portraits.  

A few years ago I focused on people photography, first portraying them as part of environmental documents, then there was the period of classic portrait photography, 

I was always guided by my grandfather's teaching about the simplicity of composition and the philosophy of Peter Lindberg's work, in which the model was the center of gravity.  The final effect of the session depends on how the photographed person feels.


When I came across "headshot" business and acting photography by  Peter Hurley , today an icon and star of the genre, I had an epiphany. The economy of form in terms of effects, and at the same time the complex process of getting that one perfect portrait photo, was refreshing.  I was struck by how much work and contact with the client requires getting the right expression and frame. How many completely non-technical aspects are associated with it. And how difficult it is to achieve the desired effect despite the seemingly simple task. I am part of the " HeadShot Crew " group of photographers, it gives me unlimited possibilities for further development.

A good professional headshot is a challenge, I like challenges. Nothing is worse than boredom and routine.

That is why I spent months polishing my workshop, and every day I devote at least two hours to learning and developing my craft. It is a job that gives me incredible satisfaction when I see the sincere joy of people who receive my portrait photos. They see their self-confidence changing.

Just as I invest time in science and money in development, you get a photo that is an investment in your image and a ticket to the future.  This job makes me a better photographer and person.  

"You should always love people and use money. Never the other way around" - Bob Proctor .