Jakub Olaf Strumiłło - Portrait photographer

Business, corporate, image photography, personal acting portrait and CV photos.
Studio in Poznań | Access to the company and photos at the workplace 

Headshot & Portrait Photographer.

I grew up in Poland, surrounded by contemporary art, wild nature and analog photography.


Currently residing in Poznań/Poland

I include the experience gained in classic & enviromental portraits, to present the photographed character, as a professional and approachable person.


With a dose of character and personal charm.

+48 725 203 973







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Zapraszam do kontaktu telefonicznego konsultacji.

Chętnie odpowiem na wszelkie pytania. 

Przedstawię jak wygląda przebieg sesji zdjęciowej i pomogę w przygotowaniach.
Tel. 725 203 973 

Photography for business

Image business photography and corporate portrait. Photos in the studio or company.

Made on a uniform background using homogeneous studio light.

The best way to promote on the web and establish relationships "from the doorstep".

A positive image that pays off in the future. 

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Personal portrait

A personal portrait made in the studio or outdoors, less formal. It allows more freedom in creating light and styling. Perfect as an image promotion on social media and dating websites. Giving more freedom when it comes to arranging the place and clothes.



I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Jakub. His photos are characterized by precision, individual approach to the subject, and diligence. Mr.Jakub can skillfully capture the moment when the photo will present the best. He is a nice, committed and passionate man.


I am delighted with our cooperation. I got the photos very quickly, I got them both in black and white and in color, there were a lot of them and all were made beautifully. 
It was one of my first sessions, and Jakub made sure that everything turned out to be fully professional. 
He knew what advice to give me to get the best out, but he also allowed my own visions, you can see the commitment to make the session as good as possible. 
The session, apart from being professional, also in a very nice atmosphere, I felt comfortable and good. I heartily recommend!


When someone takes pictures of me, I feel discomfort and tense, I don't know what to do with myself. During our cooperation, Mr. Jakub helped me to reduce these feelings to a minimum and gave me many tips, thanks to which satisfying and natural photos came out.

PS. There is a chance for dog lovers to pet the dog.


I am very pleased with the photos taken so far. He helped to implement my ideas for photos in such a way that they came out naturally and simply well done. He tried to make the model look as good as possible. Very professional approach and short waiting time for receiving photos. And there is always a large selection of photos and each one is delightful. I will definitely use the services again, because few photographers can just feel good at a photo session without any embarrassment.


Mr. Jakub's American professionalism shows

that it is an honor to have the opportunity, or even the opportunity to take part in such a decent photo session!