Jakub Olaf Strumiłło - Autoportret biznesowy, Self-Portrait.

Poznan Headshot Photographer 

I am an expert, and I have experience

in portraying people, inexperienced in posing.

Everyone looks photogenic, on high-end headshots.

My specialty is business portraits in form of modern headshot.
As a specialist, I present the photographed person as a professional and accessible person.


High quality headshots shows all the best character traits, such as sharp mind,

sense of humor and self-confidence. They create an honest, simple and eye-catching image.

A modern portrait photo is needed wherever it is required to make a good first impression, attract attention, and establish a positive relationship.

The modern reality of social media has made your profile picture a showcase of your personality. Therefore, it is very important what information reaches the person who looks at the photo. A professional headshot takes into account all the necessary information in a clear and legible way, reaching directly to the subconscious.


What distinguishes a modern headshot from a classic business portrait,
it is an impression of closeness and direct contact with the person on the photo.
When you look at the headshot, you feel that you are standing face to face with another person.

It is an investment that always pays off.

Contact me, just call or send direct message:
+48 725 203 973